Please put your query related to Osdag in the following forum. The Osdag team or other expert user(s) will try to answer your question. To increase the chance of getting a solution, try the following:

  1. Identify the part of Osdag where you have a problem (such as, installation, 2D image, input, output, CAD, design report, design preference, etc.)
  2. Identify the specific Osdag module, if applicable (such as, cleat angle shear connection)
  3. Mention your operating system and architecture (such as, Windows 10, 64-bit)
  4. If applicable, use the “Save Input” option to create a .osi file of your trial design, open using a text editor (e.g., notepad++, gedit), and paste the content of the file in your query.
For any general feedback (not related to the functioning of Osdag), such as if you would like to join our team, please go to the Contact Us page .

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