FOSSEE Summer Fellowship 2019


  1. The registration for FOSSEE summer fellowship starts on 1st February 2019 
  2. To register for fellowship, log in to the FOSSEE Certified Courses 
  3. Choose 'Osdag' for the 'FOSS choice for fellowship'
  4. To view the complete list of projects, click here.

Important Dates:

Click here to know the important dates

Resources for Screening Tasks:

Resources to learn Osdag:

  1. Download Osdag (latest version) from here
    • Read installation instructions and install Osdag on your system. If you face any issue(s) during installation follow the procedure given below;
    • Re-try installing Osdag after thoroughly reading installation instructions
    • Read forum posts here to find a solution
    • Post your issue on Osdag forum (please post the issue with a specific title and description. Giving error message/screenshot of error might be helpful)
  2. To start learning Osdag, refer video tutorials on Osdag at;
  3. Practice sample designs in Osdag using design examples available here

Resources to learn Steel Design:

  • Design of Steel Structures by N. Subramanian - here
  • Limit state design of steel structures by S.K Duggal - here
  • Fundamentals of structural steel design by ML Gambhir - here
  • INSDAG teaching materials - here
  • INSDAG guide for the structural use of steelwork in buildings - here

Resources to learn Python:

  • Spoken tutorials on Python - here 

Resources to learn LaTeX:

  • Spoken tutorials on LaTeX - here

Resources to learn version control (Git):

  • Spoken tutorials on Git - here

Selection Procedure:

The selection procedure will be based only on the performance of the candidate in the screening level tasks. Candidates have to do task-1 compulsorily and either of tasks 2 or 3 for the fellowship. Visit FOSSEE Fellowship page for more details

Screening Task

  1. Task - 1: (Compulsory)

    • Task: Solving design examples in Osdag

    • Task descriptions:

      1. Solve 5 design examples given here using Osdag.
      2. The 5 design examples should be from 5 different modules.
      3. For each of the design example, save the input file (.osi file) and design report (pdf).
  2. Task - 2 

    • Task: Solving design examples using hand calculation and creating a design report (in pdf using LaTeX)

    • Task descriptions:

      1. Solve design examples (5 examples) from screening task 1 using hand calculation.
      2. The design examples solved using hand calculation should be check for all the necessary design and detailing checks (as per Indian standards) as per the design report in Osdag. It is necessary to provide 2-D drawings/images wherever necessary.
      3. Note: You are welcome to add additional/missing check with a suitable reference.
      4. Make a report (pdf) of your hand calculated design using LaTeX (no other format other than this will be accepted for evaluation).
      5. Make a separate TeX file for each example.
      6. A partial sample submission is given here
  3. Task - 3

    • Task: Creating functions for various clauses of IS 800:2007 in Python programming language

    • Task descriptions:

      1. Choose any one section from IS 800:2007 between section 2 to section 10 or Annexure D, E, F.
      2. Convert the clauses of the chosen section or annexure of IS 800:2007 into Python code using an appropriate data structure (function, dictionary, list, etc.)
      3. The code should be efficient and well documented as in the reference Python file - here 

Note: For fellowship in Osdag software development, visit