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Inkscape is a cross-platform, professional, free and open-source vector graphics editor. 2D fabrication/construction-ready SVG images, created through Osdag, can be viewed and edited/enhanced in Inkscape. For more on Inkscape, please visit

FreeCAD is a cross-platform, free and open-source parametric 3D modeller. It can read and write various open CAD file types. The 3D CAD of the designed component (in IGES, STEP, STL or BREP format) can be imported into FreeCAD for further enhancements, such as creating 2D projections, dimensioning, labelling, joining with other parts, etc. For more on FreeCAD, please visit

AutoCAD Students Edition
AutoCAD is a computer-aided design and drafting software application used by many professionals across the industries and academia. The students edition of AutoCAD is licensed for free with a 3-year renewable license. Similar to other CAD softwares, the 3D CAD model of the designed components from Osdag can be imported into AutoCAD to subsequently prepare a detailed fabrication drawing. For more details on the students’ edition of AutoCAD, please visit

IS 800:2007
IS 800:2007 is the current Indian Standard for the “General Construction in Steel -- Code of Practice” issued by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). In India, it is the basic code for general constructions using structural steel. The 2007 revision was undertaken by BIS “realising the necessity to update the standard to the state of the art of the steel construction technology and economy” from the previous revision of 1984.
IS 800:2007 is the fundamental reference document for all designs performed using Osdag. A PDF copy of IS 800:2007 is available at

IS 808:1989
IS 808:1989 is the current Indian Standard for “Dimensions for Hot Rolled Steel Beam, Column, Channel and Angle Sections” issued by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). Owing to the large-scale availability of other hot-rolled sections available in Indian markets, that are not included in IS 808:1989, this standard is currently under revision. Osdag lets a designer choose sections from both the existing (1989) and the upcoming revisions of IS 808. A PDF copy of IS 808:1989 is available at

NPTEL Courses on Steel Design
NPTEL, a project funded by the MHRD, GoI, has created three courses on the design of steel structures, which can serve as excellent resources for anyone interested in learning structural steel design:

  1. Design of Steel Structures I (Web course) by Prof. A.R. Shantha Kumar and Prof. S.R. Satish Kumar (IIT Madras)
  2. Design of Steel Structures II (Web course) by Prof. A.R. Shantha Kumar and Prof. S.R. Satish Kumar (IIT Madras)
  3. Design of Steel Structures (Video course) by Prof. Damodar Maity (IIT Guwahati)