• New version of Osdag (v2021_02_a12f) is released on 15/02/2021

    Download the latest version from


    About this Release:

    • New modules have been added to Osdag. These are; 
      • Moment Connection:
        • Beam-to-Beam Splice: Cover Plate (welded), End Plate (flushed plate and plate extended one way)
        • Beam-to-Column: End Plate (flushed plate, plate extended one way and plate extended both ways)
        • Column-to-Column Splice: Cover Plate (bolted), Cover Plate (welded), End Plate (flushed plate and plate extended both ways
      • Base Plate Connection: Slab Bases, Gusseted Base Plates and Base Plates for Hollow/Tubular Sections.
      • Tension Member Design
        • Tension Member (bolted to end gussets) 
        • Tension Member (welded to end gussets)
    • The new version of Osdag performs design for two different scenarios;
      • Scenario 1: Perform a design from a suite of available options in terms of steel sections and connectors. The optimized design is selected based on the total volume of material and this design solution is detailed in the output dock and design report. 
      • Scenario 2: Perform a design check with a specific set of single inputs/selections in the 'Customized' option. In this case, Osdag will inform if the design checks are satisfied and suggest changes otherwise.
    • The GUI has been completely revamped. It is created dynamically for each of the modules, everytime a module is opened.
    • Dark/night mode is now available, along with the standard/day mode.
    • Users can define and save to the database a custom/built-up section by using the Design Preference toolbox.
    • The mechanical properties for these custom/built-up sections are calculated automatically upon defining the basic dimensions of the section (depth, flange width, plate thickness, root and toe radius, etc.).
    • Users can define and save to the database custom section grades and their mechanical properties. These properties can be recalled to perform design in Osdag.
    • Bolt Diameter and Plate Thickness lists have been updated as per the latest and relevant Indian Standard.
    • The process for creating the CAD models has been optimized to reduce the required time.
    • Typical sketches/drawings have been added to the output dock to help the user in interpreting the results.
    • 2-D drawings are not available with this version of Osdag. However, one can save the 3D CAD model in Osdag and create a 2-D drawing by importing this saved model in any CAD manipulating software (FreeCAD AutoCAD, etc.).
    • The Design Report has been revamped.
      • The reports created with the new version are based on LaTeX. A .tex file is also created while saving the design report for the users to further customize the report if needed.
      • Equations and formulas are clearer and readable in the new report. Checks are more detailed and are shown in a step-by-step manner with appropriate references.
      • More details like the section properties, grade, etc. are “echoed” into the design report.
    • New feature available in the form of a pop-up dialogue box to report a bug/crash from the Osdag GUI itself. The user may enter an optional description and just click “Report”.
    • The Design Examples page has been updated. Examples for the new modules have been added and that for the existing modules have been updated according to the new structure. Check
    • Examples for the older versions of Osdag are still available and marked by their version number and release date.


    Known/reported Issues: All the known and previously reported issues collected through various fora are addressed in this release. Any unknown bug/issue will be addressed in the subsequent version(s) of Osdag.