FOSSEE Summer Fellowship 2024


The Osdag team at FOSSEE is looking for enthusiastic fellows to join the development team and work on challenging problems that will help them gain professional experience of working in software & web development. 

We are looking for fellows who are proficient with object-oriented programming (specifically Python and related libraries). Please find the screening tasks below for projects under our team.

We have openings in two projects under the Osdag Team.


[IMPORTANT] Check Requirements

The screening tasks are linked below.(Complete ANY ONE from Osdag or Osdag on Cloud)

  1. Osdag screening tasks 
    1. Screening Task 1: Documenting the software architecture
    2. Screening Task 2: Develop a GUI feature
    3. Screening Task: Development of a 3D CAD model
  2. Osdag on Cloud screening tasks  
    1. Task 1: Authentication System
    2. Task 2: UI development of “bolted and gusset” module.
    3. Task 3: Development of the hide-able sidebar in “Osdag on Cloud”.
    4. Task 4: Functionality to show front, top and side view of CAD model.
    5. Task 5: Showing different components of CAD model.
    6. Task 6: Development of saving 3D model and model image.

About Osdag Desktop Application:

Osdag addresses several key needs and challenges in structural steel design, particularly in the context of Indian standards and practices. We aim to democratise steel design by offering a free and open-source software (FOSS) solution. This makes it readily accessible to students, educators, and professionals, fostering knowledge sharing and community-driven development.

Osdag was initially developed as a software program to be installed and run on individual computers. Later, to increase accessibility and reach a wider audience, a web-based version, Osdag on Cloud, was created.

About Osdag on Cloud:

Osdag on Cloud is a web based free/libre and open-source software (FOSS) for the design (and detailing) of steel structures, following the Indian Standard IS 800:2007. It allows the user to design steel connections, members and systems using a graphical user interface. The interactive GUI provides a 3D visualization of the designed component and an option to export the CAD model to any drafting software for the creation of construction/fabrication drawings. The design is typically optimized following industry best practices.

Requirements before proceeding to the tasks

Installing Osdag and getting familiar with it is recommended to know what you will be working with during the screening tasks and, eventually, the internship. Also, it is recommended to fork the Osdag repository and get familiar with the code base of Osdag. All the links are listed below:

  1. Osadg Installer: 

    1. Link (Download the Release: 2021-02-15 only as it is the latest stable version) 

      1. Read the installation instructions carefully and follow the steps mentioned

  2. Osdag Repository:

    1. The official GitHub repository for contributing your work is

Helpful Resources:

  1. Osdag audio-video tutorials: 

    1. Get an introduction to the software by referring to the tutorials at the links given below:


      2. YouTube channel of Osdag

  2. Sample design examples:

    1. Access sample designs to get familiar with Osdag

  3. Spoken-Tutorial link

Installation Instructions for Osdag on Cloud:

For detailed installation steps, refer to the official README


1. Osdag Desktop:

2. Osdag on Cloud: