FOSSEE Summer Fellowship 2018

Fellowship Process

The registrations for FOSSEE Summer Fellowship 2018 are closed.
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Important Dates
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Screening Task Description
Create three steel connection designs using Osdag.
  1. Install Osdag in your system and try to solve examples to get familiar with the software. You can download the installers from here.
    Note : If you face any troubles while installing Osdag, please post it on the Discussion Forums.
  2. Create in Osdag and submit your three best steel connection design examples.
  3. For each of the problems, you should submit the following:
    1. Problem statement (.pdf) file
    2. Osdag input (.osi) file
    3. Design report (.pdf) file
    Note : Osdag input and design report files have to be generated from Osdag.
Technical Requirements
  1. Applicant must have finished an undergraduate structural steel design course.
  2. Applicant must also have a grade of 8 or above or 70% marks or above (whichever is applicable) in the structural steel design course.
Procedure to submit screening task
  1. You will receive an email with the subject line "FOSSEE Summer Fellowship 2018 - Submission".
  2. Click here to visit the submission portal and login with your username and password given in the email.
  3. Select Osdag under 'My Courses' section to submit the task.
  1. Refer Osdag video tutorials:
    1. Osdag Website
    2. Osdag IITB youtube channel (subscribe to our channel for more videos on Osdag).
  2. Refer design examples:
    1. Osdag Documentation
    2. Examples from standard reference textbooks, found here.
    Note : Don't copy the example problems directly, create your own examples.
For any other queries related to the fellowship, mail to "contact-osdag[at]fossee[dot]in" with subject line as "FOSSEE Fellowship 2018 - Osdag"